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Peanut tempeh & mango tacos

Peppers stuffed with wild rice, arrabiata sauce, ground seitan, and spinach

Potato, tomato, and herb hand pies

Thai papaya salad w lemongrass tofu 

Rutabaga & Root Veggies hand pie

Sesame tofu & garlic green beans

Avocado and Peach not-toast

Avocados, peaches, balsamic glaze, crushed red pepper, black pepper, Maldon sea salt.

Tomato Pie (again)

Sweet potato tacos

Oven-Roasted Seitan w/ Yukon Golds & Green Beans & a Roasted Garlic Sauce

A Sunday dinner in the style of my Bubbi.

Pea, miso and mint dumplings

Little gems with vegan green goddess dressing

Veggie Spring Rolls

Handsome Carver snagged the recipe for this one, too:

Some Good Looking Peanut Butter Recipes Here

Asparagus and tofu w/ PB Sauce


Sweet N Soy Tofu w/ Broccoli & Wild Rice


Peanut Butter Soba Noodle Bowl

And Handsome Carver, the handsomest peanut butter purveyor around, has published my recipe for this bowl on his site: Handsome Carver

Vegan sausage, pepper, and onion pizza


Friendsgiving dinner 


Seitan and Waffles


Seitan Roast


Arugula Pesto, potato, and roasted garlic pizza


Fig & Arugula pizza


Black Bean and Sweet Potato Empanadas


Actual Bagels (TM)


Tomato Pie!!!!


Ras Al Hanout Cashews


Cherry tomato, asparagus, and red onion pizza


Arugula and Stone Fruit Salad


Vegan Banh Mi


Homemade cavatelli with squash & sage