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Springtime Sweet Potato Rolls

So the spring has sprung, as noted by Lehigh Lexicon and any other park wanderers this week.  I made an amazing discovery shortly after my last post – we have a device in the garage which is 1/2 leaf blower and 1/2 leaf-vacuum/shredder.  I have been hard at work clearing leaves and mulching and setting out bulbs and starting to sprout my vegetable and flower seeds, leaving little room for cooking.  I am also gearing up for “Capri and BD eat healthy 2k9” which basically means that we are going to eat less cheese and dairy, less pasta, less processed foods like chik’n patties and gimme lean, and more vegetables, nuts, fruits, and tofu/tempeh.  We haven’t really started yet mostly because we’re working our way through the fridge and pantry, but today I made us a pretty yummy lunch which also is pretty healthy.  Many good vegetarian restaurants offer some sort of squash spring roll, and mine is really not much different.  I used sweet potatoes because that’s what I had, but you could use any type of sweet squash or yam.  Here is the recipe.   Continue reading ‘Springtime Sweet Potato Rolls’