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Veggie Pizza

I’ll be honest with you, this might be my favorite thing that I’ve made since starting this blog.  BD’s mom gave us a pizza stone yesterday, and I could hardly wait to make a pizza on it.  Luckily, Kyle came over for band practice and to chill and watch the Oscars.  What food is better for hanging out and playing music and watching TV than pizza?  I can’t think of one!   Continue reading ‘Veggie Pizza’

The Oracle: Thai Peanut Sauce

The dish pictured above is a dish that apparently, will be called “The Oracle” from now on.  I personally would not have picked this name, but earlier this evening BD and I had our friends Kyle and Stanley over for dinner before they all went out and left me here to “do my statistics homework” (which I am going to get to, I swear it).  It was in fact, these three clowns who named it The Oracle.  BD and Stanley are pictured below, shortly before being struck by this genius name.

Continue reading ‘The Oracle: Thai Peanut Sauce’

Teriyaki Tofu

Yes, those ARE more haricots vert, and in the background some jasmine rice.  I don’t know if I’ve ever blogged about it before, but I invested $25 in a rice cooker about a year ago, and it was possibly the best $25 I ever spent.  The rice steams perfectly and I don’t have to think about it or time it or anything… just pour in the rice, pour in the water, cover it and push a button.  I come back 25-30 minutes later and there it is, on the “keep warm” cycle, ready for me to pair it up with some other deliciousness.  Any kind of rice you want, too… okay I’ll stop now.

Tonight I did that and the rest of the meal took about 5 minutes to make. Continue reading ‘Teriyaki Tofu’

A Soy and Potatoes Meal

So obviously I am a vegetarian and this is a site with mostly vegetarian and vegan food experiences, either in my kitchen or out in restaurants.  But I don’t want it to be a site that only can be read and enjoyed by vegetarians.  Part of what I’d like omnivore readers to take away from this site is that vegetarians can eat deliciously.   Continue reading ‘A Soy and Potatoes Meal’