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Grilled Tofu w/ Sage Pesto

Earlier this week I came home and BD was acting very mysterious… He quickly covered up his computer screen when I walked into the apartment, and wouldn’t make eye contact….. yes, that’s right, he was planning a surprise dinner for me

… what did you think he was doing?  

Anyway, since I ruined the surprise we decided to make it a team effort, and it turned out deliciously.  I grilled the tofu, and BD made this amazing sage pesto.  Here is the recipe. Continue reading ‘Grilled Tofu w/ Sage Pesto’

a crêpe-y saturday


Claudia came over this morning and she, BD, and I had a feast of crêpes.  It was an all-morning and into-the afternoon affair, after which we all lounged in the living room and watched a cute movie called “Bottle Shock” about Napa Valley wines, followed by a late afternoon trip to close-out at the Allentown Farmer’s Market.  The total effect was exactly the kind of Saturday I wanted to have amidst the thunderstorms both literal and figurative. Continue reading ‘a crêpe-y saturday’