To Recap

Friends, Readers, and Accidental Visitors:

I was reminded today that some people want to access my recipe archive without having to sign up for a wordpress account.  I’ve “unlocked” this site, so it is visible to the public, but its unlikely new posts will be forthcoming.  Happy trails, all.

Update in 2016.  I definitely am not keeping this blog up as a blog, but I am still cooking vegetarian and vegan food and taking pictures of what I’ve cooked, so I’m turning this blog into a repository of pictures of food I’ve cooked that I might want to cook again, so you know… you can look if you’re one of those people who is into those sorts of things.

Non-food photography still on Flickr.  

Also in nonsensical and slightly ridiculous Capri things, I made a tumblr where I post about root beers that I’ve tried and you could scope that too if you love root beers or nonsense:

PS the comments on this post got kind of spammy so I deleted them all. Reach out via other means if you want to be in touch!


Peppers stuffed with wild rice, arrabiata sauce, ground seitan, and spinach

Potato, tomato, and herb hand pies

Thai papaya salad w lemongrass tofuĀ 

Rutabaga & Root Veggies hand pie

Sesame tofu & garlic green beans

Avocado and Peach not-toast

Avocados, peaches, balsamic glaze, crushed red pepper, black pepper, Maldon sea salt.

Tomato Pie (again)