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A Day in Chicago: Chicago Diner and The Handlebar

So, I am on a trip to the midwest in which I am seeing a few of my long lost ladyfriends (perhaps a post for another day).  I’m staying in South Bend, Indiana, with my brilliant and entertaining friend Claudia – who is in the process of getting her PhD here at Notre Dame.  Yes, I’m envious also…. 

Anyway, yesterday we went on a little trip into Chicago to visit another amazing lady friend, Linette.  Other than the weather, Chicago is my favorite city that I’ve been to.  I love how beautiful it is, I love the way the city is laid out, I love the neighborhoods, and especially, I love the food.  Luckily, every time I’ve come to this town, I have had Linette and her boyfriend Bucky to show me to all the great vegan eateries here, and there are MANY.  Yesterday, we managed to fit in two in one day!  Continue reading ‘A Day in Chicago: Chicago Diner and The Handlebar’

What good fortune: Dinner at the Farmhouse

I must be doing something right, because tonight BD and I had an amazing dinner at The Farmhouse.  With the exception of a few top notch gourmet vegan restaurants in big cities, I often am reluctant to plunk down a big chunk of change for a meal because as vegetarians our options are often pathetic and insulting.  I’ve been to The Farmhouse before, so I knew that wouldn’t be the case, but was still surprised at how great our meal was.  Thanks to Rodney, the sous chef at The Farmhouse, and to Briana, our friend and Farmhouse waiter extraordinaire for accommodating our dietary restrictions.   Continue reading ‘What good fortune: Dinner at the Farmhouse’