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The Sweetest Salad: Roasted Apricots, Greens, Almonds, and Honey Vinaigrette

Tonight was a night for salad, and I was determined to make one that would be light but also satisfying.  We had a greens mixture of arugula and spinach, which was a good combination – the arugula is spicy enough to stand up to many other flavors.  I had been working on a honey vinaigrette since having that delicious salad at Vignola in Portland, Maine.  The recipe I settled on is about as simple as it could possibly get, and it was perfect.  As any guest at my house for dinner knows, I happen to like fruit in my salad.  And I had a half dozen delicious and ripe apricots, so I decided to roast them and add them to the salad.  Finally, all salads benefit from nuts, as far as I’m concerned (for that matter, I think almost all food benefits from nuts), so I added some toasted slivered almonds.  Instructions for all are behind the cut. Continue reading ‘The Sweetest Salad: Roasted Apricots, Greens, Almonds, and Honey Vinaigrette’

The Oracle: Thai Peanut Sauce

The dish pictured above is a dish that apparently, will be called “The Oracle” from now on.  I personally would not have picked this name, but earlier this evening BD and I had our friends Kyle and Stanley over for dinner before they all went out and left me here to “do my statistics homework” (which I am going to get to, I swear it).  It was in fact, these three clowns who named it The Oracle.  BD and Stanley are pictured below, shortly before being struck by this genius name.

Continue reading ‘The Oracle: Thai Peanut Sauce’

Teriyaki Tofu

Yes, those ARE more haricots vert, and in the background some jasmine rice.  I don’t know if I’ve ever blogged about it before, but I invested $25 in a rice cooker about a year ago, and it was possibly the best $25 I ever spent.  The rice steams perfectly and I don’t have to think about it or time it or anything… just pour in the rice, pour in the water, cover it and push a button.  I come back 25-30 minutes later and there it is, on the “keep warm” cycle, ready for me to pair it up with some other deliciousness.  Any kind of rice you want, too… okay I’ll stop now.

Tonight I did that and the rest of the meal took about 5 minutes to make. Continue reading ‘Teriyaki Tofu’

Veggie Shrimp?

Tonight I am going to attempt to cook Vegetarian Prawns for the first time.  I haven’t eaten a shrimp or prawn in about 17 years, so it will be like a new experience for me.  I am keeping my fingers crossed… updates to come! Continue reading ‘Veggie Shrimp?’

Applesauce & Thanksgiving

This was not the easiest year.  It was my first full year without my grandfather, who was hugely important to me. The hole in my life is a big one, its hard to pass a day without feeling the effects of his not being here.  People close to me experienced painful losses in their families.  I lost my job, and so did some friends and family members, and we watched as many others also did.  I know only of a small handful of people who have been able to find work since being laid off, so I know I’m not alone in my frustration.  Its very hard to keep my head up and not feel very defeated or hopeless, but I know if I keep looking and keep applying something will work out.  

That said, I’m pretty thankful this year.  I’m thankful that I have my health and so do the people I love.  I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head and food to eat.  I’m thankful for my wonderful boyfriend and his fantastic family.  I’m thankful that because I’ve been unemployed I have been able to travel to see my closest friends who are scattered across the country.  I’m thankful for their support and friendship.  I’m thankful that Obama won the election, because even though I’m a skeptic, I still have hope.  

I was originally going to make a post about turkey, and how most meat eaters I know tell me that they kind of hate eating thanksgiving turkey, and don’t really like turkey very much as a meat.  Having never eaten turkey, I can’t sympathize, but I can tell you that generally speaking that makes me even more sad for the senseless and cruel raising and slaughtering of 45 million turkeys for this holiday.  I mean, I can understand people saying “yeah yeah I know that the meat industry is pretty bad but I love meat too much to stop eating it.” (even though I disagree), but its almost insulting that people would think so little of the animals they’re eating that they continue to support the industry even when they don’t like it.  Have you ever driven by Jandl farms?  BDs mom lives right by there, and let me tell you that place looks like hell on earth.  Anyway, I decided that I won’t dedicate my whole post to this topic, so I’ve said my piece and now I’ll move on.


In my family, our thanksgiving tradition is making applesauce.  My dad is the one who always makes it and my sister and I would help out.  Now I make my own, and this is our recipe.   Continue reading ‘Applesauce & Thanksgiving’

Homemade Cavatelli

I made that post the other day about making cavatelli for my grandmother, and that night I used frozen Cavatelli – its relatively cheap and you can’t beat the convenience.  This afternoon though I had some extra time and was trying to inventory what’s in the kitchen before I go to the grocery store this weekend.  I noticed that I still had leftover ricotta cheese that was getting to the point of “use it or lose it,” so I thought I’d try to make some cavatelli by hand.  I’ve seen it made before, so I knew it would be pretty fast and simple, and I have to say it was a pleasant surprise.  It only took me two tries before I got it right! Continue reading ‘Homemade Cavatelli’

Risotto and Writing a Cookbook

I don’t know exactly what this blog will look like in terms of content in a few months, but I know that the main reason I am starting it is that I need to practice writing recipes.  I don’t cook with them really, so by forcing myself to blog about what I’m cooking and put up the “how to,” I will make a new habit, a habit of consistency.   Continue reading ‘Risotto and Writing a Cookbook’

Cavatelli & Peas

Last night my boyfriend, known to this blog and friends as “bd,” went with me to my grandmother’s house for dinner.  My grandmother is an exceptional cook.  Nothing that has ever come from her hands or kitchen has been anything other than delicious, and she always inspires me to try new things when I am cooking.  I try to go to her house for dinner at least once a week, because luckily for me, my family rules and I like to hang out with them.  In any event, last night I decided she deserved a break from cooking, and came up with this very simple, mostly healthy, and quick to make dish that I could make for the four of us (me, bd, my sister, and my grandmother). Continue reading ‘Cavatelli & Peas’