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Homemade Cavatelli

I made that post the other day about making cavatelli for my grandmother, and that night I used frozen Cavatelli – its relatively cheap and you can’t beat the convenience.  This afternoon though I had some extra time and was trying to inventory what’s in the kitchen before I go to the grocery store this weekend.  I noticed that I still had leftover ricotta cheese that was getting to the point of “use it or lose it,” so I thought I’d try to make some cavatelli by hand.  I’ve seen it made before, so I knew it would be pretty fast and simple, and I have to say it was a pleasant surprise.  It only took me two tries before I got it right! Continue reading ‘Homemade Cavatelli’

Cavatelli & Peas

Last night my boyfriend, known to this blog and friends as “bd,” went with me to my grandmother’s house for dinner.  My grandmother is an exceptional cook.  Nothing that has ever come from her hands or kitchen has been anything other than delicious, and she always inspires me to try new things when I am cooking.  I try to go to her house for dinner at least once a week, because luckily for me, my family rules and I like to hang out with them.  In any event, last night I decided she deserved a break from cooking, and came up with this very simple, mostly healthy, and quick to make dish that I could make for the four of us (me, bd, my sister, and my grandmother). Continue reading ‘Cavatelli & Peas’