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A Labor of Love

Well, tonight I am staying in, supposedly because I am disciplined and want to do my statistics homework.  Disciplined I may be, but I at least have to procrastinate a little tiny bit.  I mean, really… its statistics.  

So as some of you may remember, I was working on a cookbook.  And in fact, I made some.  Each one has a handmade cover, color photographs (many of which can be seen on this blog), some decorative things, and a grand total of 39 Recipes in the following categories:

Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Entrees, Sides, Breads, Desserts, Fruits

Each category has 4 recipes, organized as 1 recipe per season.  The exceptions are Entrees, which have 2 recipes per season for a total of 8 recipes – and Fruits, which has 3 recipes in no particular order since Fruit is not available fresh year round.

I’m pretty proud of it and pleased with how they turned out.  The picture at the top of this entry is of a few different books which haven’t been given away yet.

Here are some more detailed shots of my personal copy: Continue reading ‘A Labor of Love’

Risotto and Writing a Cookbook

I don’t know exactly what this blog will look like in terms of content in a few months, but I know that the main reason I am starting it is that I need to practice writing recipes.  I don’t cook with them really, so by forcing myself to blog about what I’m cooking and put up the “how to,” I will make a new habit, a habit of consistency.   Continue reading ‘Risotto and Writing a Cookbook’