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Muffins That Make You Feel Good

So, I grew up eating and loving homemade muffins.  My grandmother’s muffins were bran muffins, and my mom’s muffins were banana nut.  And they were delicious, and not greasy, and not sugary, and I never thought of them as junk food.  AND THEN when I was a little older, old enough to buy myself food every once in a while, I bought a muffin once at Dunkin Donuts and was horrified!  

I’ve since learned that the greasy, dry (a total mystery how most places get both of these qualities into one food) sugar and butter-laden cupcake-shaped cakes sold at most grocery stores, bakeries, and other vendors are what pass for muffins in most of this country.  However, I took my mom’s banana muffin recipe (which I think came out of one of the Rodale Natural Foods cooksbooks), and tweaked it to be even healthier – Earth Balance instead of butter, whole wheat flour instead of white, nonfat yogurt instead of whole milk yogurt, and egg replacer instead of eggs – the result was a delicious and hearty muffin that packs a whopping 85 calories (per mini muffin).  If I were really trying to mind caloric values, I could have omitted the walnuts and sweetened them with stevia instead of honey, and wound up with a muffin around 45 calories per mini muffin.  Not too shabby, when you consider that the monstrosities you can get at Starbucks pack a whopping 410 calories per serving.  Plus those don’t even come with walnuts! Continue reading ‘Muffins That Make You Feel Good’