A post of local annoyances

This post will not mean much to readers who don’t live in the Lehigh Valley, but to those of you who do, maybe you can relate.

The first annoyance is also the reason I am making this post.  I had big plans this weekend, they included a yoga workshop, a school function, and a number of other outings around town.  As of 1 o’clock today – all but one had been cancelled.  Mind you, as of 1 o’clock, there was no snow anywhere within 50 miles of me or any of my plans, just a forecast for snow and a bunch of bored newscasters with nothing better to do than predict the apocalypse in what CNN is calling a “deadly, epic storm.”  Its currently 9:37, and my Friday plans would have, in fact, been over by now, had they not been cancelled – and I have yet to see a single snowflake coming down outside my window. Instead, with nothing to do, I have been reading online news… never a good way to start the weekend.

I’m also annoyed that local animal-torturer and major polluter of North Whitehall Township David Jaindl successfully blackmailed Lower Macungie Township into letting him develop his agricultural-preservation land near Alburtis.  This is a prime example of how regional planning could benefit municipalities, so that they wouldn’t be open to blackmail attempts by jerks like this who exploit the poorly-thought-out land-use laws so often found within growing municipalities.

I’m also annoyed that the City of Allentown went through a rebranding process recently.  I’m late on this, I know.  Its not that the logo bothers me (though I don’t love it), or that the theme “City Without Limits” bothers me (though I am not on board for that either), it bothers me that there was a) nothing wrong with the old logo & theme of “Rediscover Allentown”, which uh, wasn’t that old and b) of ALL THE THINGS for the Mayor or City Council or any City employee to spend even 5 minutes on, I can think of at least 3000 things I would rather they spend their time on.  I know that City Without Limits is supposed to inspire me to think about endless possibility, but it conjures to me a very immediate and visceral image of endless sprawl.  Maybe its just me.  (Sorry Mike!).

I’m annoyed that I still watch LOST even though this show is not clever, interesting, well-written, or really enjoyable.

It really bothers me that North Whitehall Township Supervisor Jerry Joseph was elected in November, with full disclosure that he is a sane person and opposes Wal-Mart’s attempt to put in a new store on 309, a congested and overwhelmed local road connecting Allentown to points north, and approximately 6 miles away from the 7th street location, and now his fellow supervisors, all idiots IMO, want him to recuse himself from dealing with the issue.  Good government, folks.

My last annoyance is a non-local annoyance.  I am annoyed by congress. What good  is government if it is, by nature, corrupt and filled with corrupt people?  Lawrence Lessig has a more thoughtful essay on the matter.

I guess that’s enough of what annoys me for the moment.  At least its off my chest.  The good news is that my Sunday night plans include dinner at my new favorite restaurant in the LV and I expect to blog extensively about it early next week.  Can you guess which restaurant it is?

5 Responses to “A post of local annoyances”

  1. 1 dan February 6, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    great picture! Also, that rebranding of Allentown as “city without limits” is kind of funny considering considering how many limitations there actually are. I agree with you, the old theme made much more sense.

  2. 2 Claudia February 7, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    At first I thought “City Without Limits” was a joke, because after all, many of Allentown’s growth-related problems stem from being limited and the end of annexation in the 1970s. And, it DOES sound like sprawl city! Did anyone in the city actually *think* about this new slogan?

  3. 3 Capri Roth February 7, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    I think a lot of people did think about the slogan, and from a positive-attitude perspective, it makes a lot of sense. But really, it just makes me think of MacArthur Road. Sad Face.

  4. 4 In the know February 11, 2010 at 12:08 pm

    Many people worked on this slogan as well as Allentown’s new logo. The old slogan “Rediscover Allentown” only works from a suburban perspective — if you lived in Allentown before and then left it. “City Without Limits” made more sense to a large group of people are living in Allentown now and enjoying the city, people who had nothing to “rediscover.” “City Without Limits” speaks to the possibilities of the cities entrepreneurs and its creative class, an emerging “Can-Do” attitude that is palpable. As the articles have reported, there are opportunities for people who are interested to get involved in future projects like this through Allentown Ahead. Call the Allentown Economic Development Corporation to learn more.

  5. 5 Capri Roth February 11, 2010 at 12:20 pm

    I’d be more inclined if Allentown Ahead didn’t meet at 8am. (Kidding. Sort of.)

    I don’t live in the City anymore, but having grown up there and lived there for several years before moving into Emmaus, I respectfully disagree that “Redsicover Allentown” only speaks to those outside the City limits. I think no matter where you live, there’s always the tendency to feel like you know all it has to offer, that you’ve seen it all, and I always felt like the spirit of “Rediscover Allentown” spoke very directly to me and to my friends in Allentown who were “so over it.” Everytime we found a new way to amuse ourselves, or a new especially beautiful spot in the park to while a way an afternoon, I felt that I was “rediscovering” Allentown. The spirit I liked most about “Rediscover Allentown” is that it addressed the common feeling that we should be looking elsewhere (for solutions to problems, for amusement, for our daily wants and needs), and instead suggested that we look within.

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