hosting issues in the morning

Hey everyone, I’m having some hosting issues so some of my pictures are unavailable at the moment.  Hopefully they’ll be back later today or tomorrow!

In the meantime, I thought I’d make note of a few of my friends’ blogs.

First up is my good friend Tim Showalter, who plays music under the pseudonym Strand of Oaks.  I don’t know if any of the readers of this blog are big music fans, or fans of folk/singer-songwriter style musics, but as far as I am concerned Tim is one of the most amazing songwriters around.  Some of his music is available on his myspace page.  You can be sure that I will be posting about him again in the future.  I was thinking recently about the first time I ever saw Strand of Oaks and met Tim.  I was living in NYC at the time, but my friend Lou was playing a show in Bethlehem and I wanted to see him.  Strand of Oaks opened, and I remember thinking “this is pretty okay.”  I am going to post the journal entry I wrote that night, because I think it is pretty indicative of how their music can be a catalyst for reflection on things in life:

July 24th, 2005.  4:10 AM

34 hours in the Lehigh Valley. Met a beautiful baby named Julian Pompeii, and listened to his beautiful daddy play beautiful music, and thought of beautiful times. Thought about times shared with a f’real good bro who is only a bro in the sense that amazing ladies can be.

Thought about how time passes. Not too heavy, just about as heavy as a warm bath. 

Walked on dark Bethlehem roads, and had a moonlit swim with some great boy . friends. I have been very cold since I hit the water, 4 hours ago. I wonder if I will get some sleep? Breakfast with Patrick is only 6 hours away. Well. 5 hours and 50 minutes.

Time Passes.  I guess there’s no way to stop it, even when the water is warm and the moon is almost full and the beer on the dock of the pool is cold and the laughter is as open as the midnight sky.

Thinking now about how the time has passed from that weekend three and a half years ago, I’m so pleased at the ways Tim and Lou have grown as musicians and songwriters.  Perhaps their music can bring some of you the kind of joy it has bought me.

Lastly, there is the blog of Nikki Darling, who is brilliant and a great writer and makes me laugh until my sides ache, sometimes.  For instance, recently she’s been posting about Axl Rose and GNR, a subject which is not very close to my heart – but which I still can enjoy laughing about.  Reading her blog makes me miss having women friends in my life on a regular basis, and I wish I could just demand that they all move to the Lehigh Valley, but since that’s unlikely to happen – thank god for the internet.

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