What good fortune: Dinner at the Farmhouse

I must be doing something right, because tonight BD and I had an amazing dinner at The Farmhouse.  With the exception of a few top notch gourmet vegan restaurants in big cities, I often am reluctant to plunk down a big chunk of change for a meal because as vegetarians our options are often pathetic and insulting.  I’ve been to The Farmhouse before, so I knew that wouldn’t be the case, but was still surprised at how great our meal was.  Thanks to Rodney, the sous chef at The Farmhouse, and to Briana, our friend and Farmhouse waiter extraordinaire for accommodating our dietary restrictions.  

We started off with salad: Bibb lettuce with apples, pecans, goat cheese, and sherry vinaigrette.  Admittedly I am not the biggest salad lover in the world, but I cleaned my plate.


After the salad, we were brought a fantastic dish which isn’t on the menu, but which should be added as an alternative vegetarian option.  Wide fresh egg noodles were tossed together with baby brussels sprouts, and shiitake mushrooms in a perfectly flavorful light herb broth.  

Also with that we got what has to be one of the most unappealing looking dishes I’ve ever seen.  I’ve never seen or had porridge, but I imagine it looks a bit like the soup, which is pictured below.  Just…. a particularly suspect shade of gray/brown puree.


Luckily for me, it tasted as delicious as it looked unappetizing.  This was the sunchoke puree soup.  HELLO where have you been all of my life?  I could eat this every day.  Forever.  Usually, I don’t even bother to ask about the soup at a non vegetarian restaurant because let’s face it, no one makes vegetarian soups really.  So this was really extra special for me.  

Sadly I’m without pictures of the rest of our meal but we had the cheese plate, which was outstanding and featured four fantastic cheeses, plus figs, local honey, and a homemade apple butter that I’m hoping Chef Adams will decide to jar and sell as a seasonal item because I’ve never had better in my life (and I have had a lot of apple butter in my short time).

We went with the on-menu vegetarian entree of grilled tempeh and vegetables in a coconut curry sauce.  I’ve heard and read some not-so-great reviews of the tempeh here, and all I can imagine is that either the people eating it do not like tempeh, or the kitchen was having a particularly awful night.  This tempeh was decidedly moist (unusual, I know!), and had a rich earthy flavor to it, probably from the grill.  The vegetables were al dente, but not undercooked.  The sauce was probably the highlight of the dish.  It was sweet and mellow, and perfectly seasoned. My only complaint about the whole dish was that for the large portion of tempeh, there could have been more of the delicious sauce to soak up!

We were way too full for dessert, but we managed to get down a spoonful each of the white tea raspberry sorbet, which was cool and refreshing and a pleasant way to end the abundant meal.

Was it the best meal I ever had?  Not quite, but it was certainly well worth the $30 each (it pays to be vegetarian!) before drinks and tip, and I would go back again in a heartbeat.

1 Response to “What good fortune: Dinner at the Farmhouse”

  1. 1 nikki November 20, 2008 at 3:35 pm

    i miss u, i miss your food, this looks delicious, oh when oh when will i see u again?

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